How to use MySQL in CWP

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phpMyAdmin: phpMyAdmin is one of the most popular applications for MySQL database management. It is a free tool written in PHP. Through this software you can create, alter, drop, delete, import and export MySQL database tables. You can run MySQL queries, optimize, repair and check tables, change collation and execute other database management commands.

All the Free Web Hosting clients can manage their MySQL databases through the pre-installed phpMyAdmin software which is integrated under the SQL Services tab in your control panel .

Mysql Manager: This manages the user accounts that are allowed to access and and edit the website database. One can add or delete users and change passwords.

Click on Add User

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Show Mysql Processes will display all the database processes being run in the database currently, much like the Process List.

How to change your CWP Password

This is a tutorial on how to change your CWP password.

  1. First you login to your client page on then click on services or you can select services from the menu then click on my services.

2) Select the service you want to change the password for, if you have more than 1 web hosting account, they will all be listed here.

3) After you have clicked on the service you want to change the password for you will see a section on the left nagivation that says “change password”

4) On the next page will give you the fields to enter a new password for your service. You can also use the “Generate Password” tab to generate a secure password if you use a password manager but here you can enter anything but please make sure your password is secure and not easy to guess.

Then press “save changes” when done.

That’s it, you have now changed your CWP password.
If you have problems changing your password using this tutorial please do email us on [email protected]

How Do I Create Email Accounts in cPanel?

By default, you have no email account set up. The main username may look like it is setup as an email, but if you wish to use it, you will need to add it as an email account. The video and instructions below will guide you through creating an email account in cPanel.

To create an email account:

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. In the Email section, click Email Accounts.
  3. In the Email field, type the name you want and select the domain name from the drop-down menu below.Note: The email name shadow is reserved and cannot be used for an email address.
  4. In the Password fields, type the desired password twice.
  5. Make a selection for Mailbox Quota.
  6. Click Create Account.

How to increase the upload_max_filesize in CWP control panel

This tutorial will show you how to increase max upload file size in WordPress on Free Web Hosting

  1.  First login to your account on the server you were created on using the credentials sent to you via email.

2. Scroll Down until you reach the section labelled CWP Settings and click on Edit php.ini

3. Navigate to the option labelled upload_max_filesize, there is a text box then just after the label with the current max upload limit so you delete the value which will be there and add the desired value,also navigate to the option labelled post_max_size and delete the value there and enter your desired value like you did on the upload_max_filesize

4.After you have changed the max upload size make, click the button labelled Update

5.Now login into WordPress Dashboard and try to upload something,if you have followed the steps above,your WordPress upload window should indicate the max upload size that you have specified like the image below

6.From here you are done. If you have issues, please do open a support ticket or post in the Whatsapp Groups or Forums .

How to install an SSL certificate on free web hosting

So this tutorial assumed you have already registers your account and your domain is live and pointing to the free web hosting servers .

First , log in to your cpanel on

Then head down to Auto SSL

Then you will be presented with a page like this below where you will pick your youmain name. After you click for a second it will validate your domain to make sure its live and pointing to the server then the install button will be presented. Then you click on it.

If the operation is successful you will get something that looks like this.

If you have problems with this please open a support ticket an one of our support techs will take a look.