How to change your CWP Password

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This is a tutorial on how to change your CWP password.

  1. First you login to your client page on then click on services or you can select services from the menu then click on my services.

2) Select the service you want to change the password for, if you have more than 1 web hosting account, they will all be listed here.

3) After you have clicked on the service you want to change the password for you will see a section on the left nagivation that says “change password”

4) On the next page will give you the fields to enter a new password for your service. You can also use the “Generate Password” tab to generate a secure password if you use a password manager but here you can enter anything but please make sure your password is secure and not easy to guess.

Then press “save changes” when done.

That’s it, you have now changed your CWP password.
If you have problems changing your password using this tutorial please do email us on [email protected]