How to create and manage Email Accounts in CWP

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One can create personalized email accounts within their domain, set in the format of [email protected]

To create an email account in CWP:

  1. Log in to CWP at your
  2. Look for Email Accounts -> Email Accounts
  3. Click the Add a New MailBox button
  4. Enter the desired name, choose your domain, you can allocate the size of each email or leave it at 0MB (which allows the email to grow to fill) and password (CWP automatically generates a password for you, but you can overwrite it)
  5. Click the Add button. The new email account will be created and you will see it on the list.
  6. To access the webmail interface(Roundcube) go to Email Accounts->Roundcube Webmail

Change password for an email account

Click on the icon and change password

Delete account

Click on that icon to delete email account