How to increase the upload_max_filesize in CWP control panel

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This tutorial will show you how to increase max upload file size in WordPress on Free Web Hosting

  1.  First login to your account on the server you were created on using the credentials sent to you via email.

2. Scroll Down until you reach the section labelled CWP Settings and click on Edit php.ini

3. Navigate to the option labelled upload_max_filesize, there is a text box then just after the label with the current max upload limit so you delete the value which will be there and add the desired value,also navigate to the option labelled post_max_size and delete the value there and enter your desired value like you did on the upload_max_filesize

4.After you have changed the max upload size make, click the button labelled Update

5.Now login into WordPress Dashboard and try to upload something,if you have followed the steps above,your WordPress upload window should indicate the max upload size that you have specified like the image below

6.From here you are done. If you have issues, please do open a support ticket or post in the Whatsapp Groups or Forums .